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    • Fast and effective diet pill, without the risk of becoming addicted
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    FenFast 375

    If you’re looking for a fast and effective diet pill, the FenFast™ 375 mg formula provides the similar types of benefits that you would receive from Adipex (Phentermine 37.5 mg), but without the risk of becoming addicted, or of powerful side effects that may be causing you to hesitate to request that prescription drug from your doctor.

    In fact, that is exactly what FenFast 375 has been designed to offer. The scientists from Intechra Health Inc., who are behind the development of this proprietary formula, took great care and used the latest technologies to ensure that the ideal ingredients and balance would be achieved, so that the resulting tablet would look and have effects similar to those of the most popular prescription diet drugs, but without the downside of those medications. For this reason, it is one of the best alternatives that are currently available.

    Both FenFast 375 mg and Adipex will provide you with appetite suppression combined with an energy and metabolism boost. They both come in the form of white and blue speck tablets that are easy to swallow. However, while both of these pills offer these effects, it is not reasonable to expect fat to magically melt away from your body (a result that no known diet pill can achieve). Instead, these products are designed to provide you with a realistic and powerful way to accelerate the impact of your healthy efforts to reduce your weight through diet and exercise.

    When you receive a prescription for Adipex, your doctor will also prescribe a reduced calorie, nutritious diet, as well as a regular exercise program that is suited to your unique fitness level. It is exactly that type of weight loss plan that should be followed while using FenFast. This way, you will be able to eat less without struggling with hunger pangs, and exercise more without battling fatigue. The benefits of the diet pills will allow you to naturally overcome those issues.

    At the same time, FenFast™ 375 mg goes above and beyond what Adipex has to offer because it provides these effects without needing a prescription, and without the risk of powerful side effects and addiction. In fact, unlike the prescription diet drug, which is only a short term solution, this nonprescription tablet can be used for the entire length of your diet without the risk of addiction or harmful side effects.

    If you are looking for all of the benefits but none of the drawbacks of prescription diet pills, then you may have found the perfect solution when you discovered FenFast.

    FenFast 375 Nutraceutical Formula

    The high quality ingredients that make up the FenFast 375 mg nutraceutical formula are made up of a combination of substances that were very carefully selected for a broad range of specific reasons. Among them are the fact that they are not only known to be very effective, but they are also recognized as being safe for use.

    The design of FenFast™ and its nutraceutical ingredients have allowed it to replicate the type of effects that are received through the use of some of the leading prescription diet drugs, but it has done this without also including the strong side effects and the risk of becoming addicted if it is used for more than a few weeks.

    As a whole, the formulation for FenFast 375 provides dieters with an accelerated metabolism, faster fat burning, appetite suppression, enhanced energy levels, and an improved mood. This American made product from Intechra Health Inc. includes the following ingredients in order to make this achievement:

    • DL-phenylalanine,
    • Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine),
    • Hordenine HCl

    DL-phenylalanine is the first substance on the active ingredients list. It is known for a number of safe benefits in the medical and weight loss industry. It was chosen for this nutraceutical formula because of its ability to help dieters to accelerate their ability to burn off extra weight. It is an amino acid that has two effects in particular that are beneficial to dieters and that have led overall body weight reduction to be observed to a greater degree among its users in studies than among those who had been given a placebo. The two primary weight loss promoting benefits of this ingredient are appetite suppression and increased calorie burning. This way, it helps dieters using FenFast to be able to eat less and burn off more of what they have consumed every day.

    1,3,7 trimethylxanthine is the second ingredient that makes up the complete FenFast tablet. It is an extremely well known weight loss ingredient, which is sometimes otherwise known as caffeine anhydrous. This synthetic stimulant is recognized as a powerful metabolism booster as well as an appetite suppressant and an energy increaser. It has been studied over many years and its effects have been well understood by scientists in the medical and weight loss industries.

    Lastly, Hordenine HCl, a plant based ingredient, completes the FenFast 375mg formula. This scientifically studied substance has been determined to be a safe and helpful energy booster, while it also supports a more positive and consistent overall mood that is key to sustaining motivation throughout the length of a diet.

  • Comments

    1. Marianne Stevens says:

      I needed to lose a quick 15 lbs for my friend’s wedding and FenFast totally worked. I gave myself 3 weeks and got down 17 lbs and totally fit into the size 8 they ordered me. I can honestly say I would NOT have had the will power and motivation to do this on my own. You won’t want to eat and you will have extra energy you need for working out.

    2. Bretta says:

      I have been taking Fenfast for one week exactly and noticed that my hunger is certainly less but not “totally” subsided. The constant wanting to eat is much better, just a little hungry here and there. The first day I felt slightly jittery but after that it went away and I have felt fine since. I constantly drink water and I have lost 10 lbs.

    3. Raelyn says:

      I am on day 4 and am down 6 lbs. Amazing. I am 31 years old, and my start weight was 203 I am now 197. My mood is great, I have lots of energy and need less sleep. Normally I sleep 10 hrs but on this I am up and refreshed after 6-7.

    4. Cam Peters says:

      I am nearly 50 years old and have tried every diet imaginable with little success. I even had my thyroid checked just to make sure that was not the issue. I would work out every day with very little if any weight loss to show for all my efforts. I started 10 days ago with Fenfast and I have lost 8 lbs. The problem was not the food but the amount of food. I cut my breakfast down to 100 calories, I have a lean cuisine for lunch, a fruit for a snack and I have cut my dinner portion in half. I have not done any exercise yet but will incorporate that next week.

    5. rona_reynolds says:

      I have way more energy, I’m eating less, I feel good, and I’m buying all new clothes because everything I own is huge on me now. It feels amazing.

    6. anonymous says:

      I started using fenfast at the end of Feb. 2013. My start weight was 244 and I now weigh 213. Other then a headache for the first week, I have felt great. I watch my calorie and sodium intake as I have high BP. I drink a lot of water (or crystal lite.) I try to get some exercise a few days a week too, I mainly go for walks and do some workout dvds at home. No weights or treadmills or anything like that. Overall I am very happy my progress so far!

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